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The free Blackbox Buddy (or BBB) may help you organizing your microSD card

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  • The free Blackbox Buddy (or BBB) may help you organizing your microSD card

    Have you ever tried to move around your sound packs and samples on the Blackbox microSD-card?
    Then you might have experienced that a Blackbox-preset suddenly will not play the samples anymore.

    The brief reason for this is that the file references within the preset-files, no longer knows where the samples are placed after you moved them around.

    I have therefore created a little command-line tool (Windows only, sorry Mac and other OSes) that other Blackbox-users might find useful.

    The Blackbox Buddy logo

    Its main purpose is to keep the file references within the preset-files in sync with the actual file- and directory organization on the card. It also works with any Ableton-preset files generated by the Blackbox when you pack your Blackbox-preset. Finally, it also fix the little issue with non-playable Ableton-presets.

    The homepage of Blackbox Buddy (or BBB for short) is
    There you will find the installer and documentation.

    PS: If I break any forum-rules by posting this, please delete this post.

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    Hi question: isn’t this now fixed by the Pack function in BB? Thanks


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      Hi @sc1640,

      Unfortunately it does still seem to be an issue with firmware 2.1.0.

      I just tested out the following steps:
      - Created a new project
      - Added a single sample
      - Choose PSET->SAVE to save the project
      - Choose PSET->File->Pack to pack the project
      - Ejected the microSD-card from Blackbox
      - Tried to open the preset.als file generated by Pack. Still this message:

      Click image for larger version

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        This error has nothing to do with file references. The .als file you find in the preset folder is a bonus. It was an experiment when the blackbox launched. There is a solution posted on this forum - you'll need to search for it. It involves deleting the last line of the file XML.


        • bobvoi
          bobvoi commented
          Editing a comment
          Steve, I understand that. The preset.als-fix (remove the last zero-byte) is one of the things that Blackbox Buddy (BBB) do for you automatically. I only responded to sc1640 to tell the current status to his question (" isn’t this now fixed by the Pack function in BB?")

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        I haven’t tried yet but this buddy tool seems interesting !

        wouldn’t it be more funny to call this Black Buddy though ?