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Summary of Multi sampling options (including velocity layers)

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  • Summary of Multi sampling options (including velocity layers)

    I am trying to clarify the options regarding proper way to prepare multi sample packs for the Blackbox (correct root note setting in the WAV smpl tag and proper setting of velocity layers per range - in the WAV inst tag ?)

    - Direclty from the Blackbox, using the integrated utility: this is the best way to sample external instruments such as hardware synthesizers, but this has a major issue when sampling software instruments like VST, since the Blackbox is not compensating for the soundcard latency, and even with an ASIO sound card and a 64 samples buffer you always have a few ms a blank at the beginning of each sample which is bringing some latency in the sample attack playback.
    -> Is there a software that can batch process the WAV generated by the utility and remove the blank in the beginning of the sample? While keeping the WAV tag unaltered? Adobe Audition? Ultimately, it could be a nice feature (already requested) to have the Blackbox allow to input a latency parameter when auto sampling (the Blackbox would trigger the MIDI note but wait x ms before starting the recording, or wait for a threshold value on input level)

    - Using some software that can tag properly the WAV files already available (already multi sampled), either manually or, preferentially, by batch, in an automated way, by reading the file name (containing the note and velocity values) or by reading any standard generic tagging method used for standard sample bank like kontakt for example.
    -> The endlesswav software from Bjoern Bojahr ( does this properly for the root note tag by reading the file names (it is very convenient) but not for the velocit layers seems. I have read that Sample Robot is mentioned in the forum. Can the Korg+wav paid version manage both the root note and velocity tags from file name? In such case, it would be possible to create the multi samples from either mainstage autosampler or MPCbeats, or get some multi sample banks in WAV format, and then batch process them with Sample Robot to get the tags properly registered before copying the files to the Blackbox SD card, and use it direclty with the load all function?

    If anyone can clarify this I guess it could be usefull to many; the multi sample support from Blacbox is really a powerfull feature!