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Can I play 5 x 1 minute long samples at a time?

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  • Can I play 5 x 1 minute long samples at a time?


    I'm an ambient artist that likes to play up to 5 different samples at a time, usually 1 minute long, and then I mix in different samples, and fade out different samples.

    Some of these samples I would like to be synced, others not necessarily, as they are field recordigns.

    Someone mentioned that this was possible on a blackbox, using a midi controller to fade in and out samples.

    I have a bank of around 80 samples that I would like to store.

    Thanks everyone


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    shouldn't be a problem


    • fuzzylogic
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      o wow. thanks for sharing this. watching it now.

      Just wondering though, can the blackbox play say 4 long samples at the one time? And then can I fade in another long sample on top of that, and fade out other samples?

      Would I need a midi controller on top of that to fade in and out samples?

      Also, can you only load 16 samples at a time, I would like to have all the samples accessible, and not have to enter a new 'project' or 'screen'.
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    sure, and if you want to sync them, get used to counting the total number of beats of your clips instead of the number beats per minute


    • shankiphonic
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      OP said he's an ambient artist. not sure how crucial syncing is there. but point taken

    • Georges
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      he wanted to sync “some” ;-)

    • shankiphonic
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      right you are.
      fun for days... and days