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I'm a new user and I am absolutely loving the blackbox

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  • I'm a new user and I am absolutely loving the blackbox

    From the honeymoon peak I just wanted to say: this box is really, really great. I can see that I'll hit edges, confusions and probably some frustrations but all great gear has compromises. From someone who has used Ableton, octatrack, deluge and more, the clip functionality is fabulous, the portability (no battery sigh!), the grid keyboard with scales, the knobs, it's great. Bravo!

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    Thank you. We appreciate hearing from you.


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      I am loving the Blackbox too!

      I’ve hit some of the speed bumps, but have overcome them all one by one.


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        It's a really wonderful machine. Coming from a DAW, it has changed my production style (i'm a sample based producer), and my music has gone in exciting directions since. Will continue to 'finish' tracks in the DAW but i've collaged together samples on the Blackbox that I don't see as coming together otherwise.