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  • Just Received a Blackbox

    Doesn’t seem to be too much info on the Blackbox yet...

    I just received mine and and so far I am loving it...

    anyone else have one one yet to share tips, tricks?

    is there a list of what was updated from 0.9.02, I see there is 0.9.07, but have not updated yet...

    Thank You.

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    How you finding it? Whats the looping and sampling like?


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      Yes, please tell us more!


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        so far the sampling and looping is nice, this unit is fairly easy to use and understand...
        there is a way you can slice the samples, but i wish there was a way to save your slices and spread them out thru the 16 pads instead of on the keys...(unless I haven't figured that out yet)

        loving the portability and how much it packs in such a small unit...

        this is my first 1010music gear, I'm used to using an MPC1000, sp303 and 404, and now a I'm getting used to the work flow...

        looking forward to more tutorials, tricks, and tips...


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          Thanks for the feedback.

          How would you say it compares to the Digitakt? I’m considering purchasing one but it would be to replace my digitakt. Stereo on the Blackbox is a big plus. Wondering what else it might have over the DT?


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            I’m actually an owner of the digitakt as well...which I also love...

            for the blackbox...stereo sampling is a plus, the fact you can play different sequences/patterns layered on top of each other is a plus, along with a song mode, which the digitakt does not have...

            I do like sampling and editing samples on the digitakt a lot more...(as of right now)

            im learning (or trying to figure out) how to utilize both/together...which so far, the pair seems great.

            looking forward to how this little Blackbox evolves...

            also, I’m nowhere near heavily experienced on the digitakt or black box, as I am new to both machines, I am very keen to the mpc1000, and most SP’ anyone willing to share knowledge on the Blackbox please share...

            anyone else get one? Or are most people waiting until May?


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              Thanks for the reply man. I’m having a real hard time not hitting the buy botton on this thing and taking a chance. Not sure if it’d be a proper DT replacement but it really looks like a fun device with a lot of future potential.


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                that’s basically what I no means my purchase was meant to replace any of my other gear, but to change my work flow and have something creative, and new for me to challenge myself and work on...

                If anything, This seems to be a great portable unit, which means you can sketch ideas out, make full songs anywhere.

                I wish you could take the digitakt out without having to plug it in.