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    shankiphonic "If I'm not mistaken, the velocity slider approach is currently subject to the limitation of one pad per project at any time OR several pads simultaneously subject to the same modulation."

    The VEL slider currently does not send CCs at all.

    The slider would have to be able to send CC values internally. (CC value = the modulation value used to control the target)

    The values could be recorded into sequences.

    Once recorded, they could be assigned a CC number. Or have fixed CC numbers dependent on the sequence. (CC number = the identification number of the source)
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      [This post has been deleted as it could be considered a personal attack]
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        Still for sale if you need another!!!!! Twice the power!


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          As a guitarist venturing into these uncharted synthesis waters, to me modulation is easier defined by the type of a final output verses how internally that was achieved, such as:

          Having any or some of those as internal effects would be highly useful. Until then (or if never done), I can always send and return to guitar pedals or my MC-707 effects, but having them in a portable unit would be killer.


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            Those are effects. Also nice, but not the same thing and would require much more CPU load. With modulation people mean LFO's, envelopes and/or some form of automation.

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            True that they aren't what most in the synth world are speaking about, though they are related in that most of those effects are just manipulations of a wav form. While some require a little CPU power, those type effects tend to use much less load than a good reverb algorithm or some exotic delay algorithm (this is why I've seen super-small multi-mod guitar pedals with very little DSP), so some might be do-able. For instance, tremolo is literally just dropping volume periodically, which requires almost no extra CPU. Luckily, I'd enjoy the unit fine without them, but just threw in a vote and comment in case any of it is feasible.

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          Modulation would be a win I would love to see it implemented in blackbox


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            Modulation would be so amazing


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              LFO’s assignable to things like slice numbers and other sample and slicer parameters would be awesome! And Of course to fx parameters as well