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    A modulation matrix would be wonderful


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        I’m gonna go ahead and say it again - LFOs would bw the bomb.

        One of many reasons I keep using the Blackbox is because the filter, envelope and fx are pretty damn great. Not just there because, but they really add such a great layer of character to the samples. Now, whenever I’ve applied what internal modulation to these parameters there is, they respond sooo well to modulation. 1010
        got some black magic algoritms going on there, that adds so much texture and movement to the samples.

        So please, team Blackbox. Make the world a better place and throw in an lfo. Thank you.


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            Now I want UTFO in addition to LFO.

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          Thank you for keeping the discussion alive. We're all back from summer vacations next week and look forward to getting to work.


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            Happy holidays ! Can’t wait to be amazed by new updates and new products in the fall

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            All right if you could just pad the play timer and repeat. It should be anything you could want. Plus eliminate some distractions.

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          As an outsider reading it's capabilities I can tell you what I'm looking for:

          Mod Sources
          • LFO
          • ADSR #2
          • ADSR #3
          Mod Targets
          • ADSR #1,#2,#3 attack/decay
          • LFO speed
          • LFO reset


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            Originally posted by Michal Ho View Post
            Classic! I forgot about this track! All we need is to get someone inside 1010 office to play this track quietly a couple of times a week and soon they won't be able to think straight until they put an LFO in the Blackbox!


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              Ability to randomize the start point of a sample

              Here is how I see new modulation capacity.

              In each pad options
              A second press on ADSR : access to ADSR 2
              A second press on MISC : access to mod matrix
              On the misc upper bar : a LFO button, a more button.

              I'd love that the Blackbox modulation matrix borrows the options and concept of the E-Mu Ultra E6400 series modulation matrix.

              The most important for me is the ability to assign the second ADSR to ffilter and pitch, and assign the keytrack to the filter. Keytrack is important to give life to samples that are pitched in the highs, to tame these violent highs and also lower the volume of the sample if too high in the high range.
              The last undoubly important modulation is Env to pitch and LFO to pitch.
              Ability to randomize the start point of a sample. The main use for me is to slighlty give more life and irregularities to the sample. For me the blackbox sounds really good, but too clean, it lacks humanity in the play, irregularities, except with the granulizer and with the slicer you can do some tricks, but everything sounds too much on the time.

              LFO : a Random one would be nice. The best would be to have a continuous Random LFO, and another non-LFO function who only slighly randomize the pitch of the sample when you press the key, and not while the sound is playing. The Emu Ultra had that, the randomize function, that was crazy.

              You can check the modulation section of the manual for inspiration :

              "Key Random 1 & 2 generate different random values for each voice which are selected at key-on time and do not change during the note." Quote from the manual


              LFOs: Sine, Square, Triangle, S/H, Sawtooth, Random 1, Random 2 (one shot), White Noise ...
              LFO delay
              LFO offset
              LFO loop, on / off
              LFO sync / restart on/off
              LFO destination : Pitch, filter, volume, pan, velocity ... etc.

              ENV2 dest : filter, pitch, env1
              ENV2 offset / delay
              ENV2 loop on/off
              Env destinations : to whatever

              Keytrack dest : to pitch, volume, filter...

              Other feature request : portamento / glide + time. I love the one from the PSS x80 series (could be heard in Green Velvet 'Leave My Body"

              And filter resonance control, would be awesome with the enveloppe.

              Don't change your Amp envellope by the way. It's perfect, snappy, detailled , I love it. Maybe just other curves for attack and decay, but it's not so important. I love the fact that I can play with short attack times between 1 and 10 to make samples attack sound less agrssive , rigid and spiky
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                ok ppl:
                Now that we've got an LFO per pad in 1.9.x, what are your impressions?

                I'm a fan of the GUI enhancements, in general. I'm digressing, but I think the "A/B, four knobs do this, or this" set up so good, I wonder if 1010 brought in outside help to maximize UX given the format of the machine. Still digressing - my current muscle memory for the blackbox is almost irrelevant now, but I embrace the growth mindset....

                for me - in short -
                • this implementation aligns with my expectations.
                • It's nice to be able to point the LFO at multiple targets; say both the filter and the resonance.
                • The trig (vs continuous) option is a nice touch.
                I haven't yet tried breaking it's back with LFO's on every pad, we'll see how it does with that.