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    Having used various elektron gear over the years, I am quite used to working with sample chains. If you are not familiar with this, it is essentially a work around for getting multiple samples onto a single pad. Some of their gear only allows a single sample to be loaded on a pad at a given time, but you can overcome this by chaining samples together. Then you can select the starting point on each trigger, effectively allowing you to play a different sample at that point.

    I decided to try this with the blackbox, but using loops instead of individual hits.

    So, I recorded two separate bleepy things from the modular into ableton at 5/16. Really simple stuff. Two voices each into a separate clip. I then put them back to back, and exported it as a single clip. I loaded it up onto a pad in blackbox, and put it in slice mode. I made two slices, one for the first loop, and another for the 2nd.

    Boom, C3 plays loop 1, and C#3 plays loop 2. Thanks to poly mode, you can play both clips independently.

    Fine and dandy, but two 1 bar loops playing off each other gets boring pretty quickly. So I went back and recorded the voices with some longer loops with modulation progression, filter sweeps etc. I then chained these loops together and loaded it up.

    Amazing, I have a chain of loops for two different voices, than I can access by note. Best thing is, the loops don't even need to be the same length. Obviously you have to match BPM, but with the SD card, there is no reason why I can't export at various BPMs.

    Now I just need to determine a convention applying this, so that I don't have to think about what note does what.

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    Thanks for sharing this tip.