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    Once splitting samples are we able to spread the sample across the pads ? Or is it one section of the split sample automatically allocated to its pad. I find this hard to get over , meaning I would have to load the same sample across the board to allocate my desired parts ? Surly I must be doing something wrong ?

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    When you split a sample, you can then play the individual slices with the Keys screen.


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      worked a treat , thanks a lot


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        I also wanted to know if you can pinpoint the specific part you desire in slicer mode, I realise that you are able to do this in sample mode but not have as many slices, but once I slice the individual parts in slicer I cant seem to find the cursor to select what I want.


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          Sharing the solution here in case others need help:

          If you want a slice in a specific place, then drag your finger over the wave form to move the wave past the white cursor in the middle of the screen. Then touch "split" at the top of the screen to add a new slice, or "join" to remove the nearest slice.


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            thanks Christine … !