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best pad controller for my BB

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    I am using a Qunexus with my BB. It works great as a velocity controller and keyboard for the BB. I have not had success with CC mappings yet, but that is mostly because I have not spent an afternoon diving deep into this.


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      Anyone tried one of these. Alesis VI25?


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        I use the V25 with 8 pads. Maybe v1? Works well. The included software will let you change the mappings.

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      The launchpad Pro is working great for me now. Better than the beatstep Pro for ease of use and speed.


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        Does some people use the MPD218 ?

        If yes :
        Are you able to have 2 configurations on the MPD, and to switch between them ? Like one for pad, and another for triggering note ?
        Can the MPD carry 2/3 configs (let's say for blackbox pads, blackbox notes, blackbox seq maybe?) and can you switch between configs with CTRL BANK or PAD BANK or PAD SELECT or NR CONFIG ? From what I have read, this might be configurable via the Akai software
        Can you change octave on the MPD if you are triggering a sample note on the blackbox?

        Thanks in advance,


        • underwood
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          The MPD226 can do this, so the 218 maby to.

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        all these questions are mpd specifc and you should probably look them up in the manual or the akai board. the black box corresponds to the midi values written in its manual and CC values can be assigned freely, if the akai sends information on those the black box will respond, sure. if you are uncertain which controller information are sent use midiOX to read out the values. this also applies to bank switches etc.


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          Not really a PAD controller but the Presonus Atom SQ looks to be amazing.


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            Hi all, just been reading through the replies because I'm looking for a new controller. What do people recommend for something that combines pads with a keyboard? I've got a Nektar Imact L25, but I can't set it up so I can play a multisample with the keys while other samples with the pads. I don't think it can allocated the pads and keys to separate channels, so I'm looking to get something new.

            (By the way, I'm presuming this is a stupid question, but you can't have more than one controller on the BB at once? I don't even really know how you would do that, but I'm just thinking that something like the Atom or the Akai 218 would suit me for the pads, but I need keys too.)

            Any help really appreciated!


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              If you use a MIDI merger and TRS, you can connect multiple controllers. Or 1 TRS and 1 USB.