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So yeah.. Guess I’m keeping it!

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  • So yeah.. Guess I’m keeping it!

    Tricked out.
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    Originally posted by G Lampa View Post
    Tricked out.
    Something applies I don’t typically say:



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      LOL! I noticed that in one of your videos. Very nice! I just found a gold oil based paint sharpie that works on the finish, and I'm thinking about what I want to do with mine. I felt the need to at least mark the back of mine so I can keep track of it. We have a few floating around here. :-)


      • oHeFFeSS
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        I highly recommend Molotow Paint Markers. The Liquid Chrome models seem to dispense paint which is pretty durable. That plus they're reflective chrome.

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      I fancy painting/spraying mine bright orange like the real black boxes on commercial aircraft and I find it ironic and fitting that like the FDR and CVR it, too, can record ‘everything I do’! HAH


      • Christine
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        Love it! Post a picture please if you do! The knobs slide off of the posts if you want to avoid painting them. The back panel comes off easily. The front panel I'm not so sure about. I haven't tried it.

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      ^^ LIKE
      I will examine the BB (when I can control myself enough to stop making noises with it) and see how easy/hard it may be to take it apart safely.
      It would be lovely to customise it and I’ll see just how far I can push the black box recorder analogy!