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    A melancholy track from my current album.

    BB sequencing samples, DM12, SE02 and Microfreak

    Traces by My Blue Extremes. Name your price on Bandcamp or listen on all streaming platforms.




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      Higuys, here my first bb track together with the prophet 6 and few percs with my acidlab miami. Nothing special, it's a dusty minimal deep house track, I hope you like it. I used few samples from the loopmasters presets which comes with the the blackbox
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        here a joint


        • Pfister37
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          Love it. Thanks for sharing!

        • shankiphonic
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          solid groove.

        • brunodiben
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          thanks for the comments, here today's one on 1.7.3 firmware, unquantized, also made use of the many output and processed quite a bit on the modular

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        star trek inspired acid house track made using roland tr8, minilogue, and blackbox -


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          Here's a record I recorded toward the beginning of quarantine and haven't done anything to promote. (Lol, remember when we thought quarantine would end?)

          It's meant to be performed with just a blackbox and a Tetra. I got the blackbox hoping to be able to do ultra compact sets like that, and there's not much else in the recording.


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            ​​Hello, all.

            Topic Creator G Lamp, here.

            Very happy to see how this area took off. I've been off the radar, as of late... Covid and all that has made for a rough patch, where inspiration was hard to come by.

            But I'm in a new place now, and it's much quieter and conducive to creating.

            Here's a little playlist of some recent BB boombap stuff.

            Hope you like. Happy 2021!


            SINGLE TRACK HERE (Playlist Above)


            • shankiphonic
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              really solid groove.

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            Blackbox sequences two synths here, bass and chords. I also manually trigger some pads.
            Song mode was helpful.
            Beats and orchestra sample are on the Digitakt.

            What kind of cameras do you guys get the best results with for filming the BB screen?


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              Here is a bit of mountain ambient bass music from me


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                I think this is the first track I've done that where I deliberately used probability.
                The core bass line is pretty simple.
                I added in a bunch of extra notes and set event probability for them all between 20%-30%. I think this approach gives the tune a nice, groovy, live feel, and keeps the theme solid, but still a little interesting even though not much is going on.


                • arteom
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                  nice, sounds good! how do you like the micromonsta? have you had it for a while? I have been eying v2. I've been taking the blackbox to work, think something small like the micromonsta would make for a nice unassuming synth for a work setup.

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                Deep House track I made with Korg Minilogue, Roland TR-8 and the Blackbox. Last from this pairing as I've moved to a different synthesizer and drum machine for now. I really liked how the minilogue and the blackbox paired. I would sketch out a quick sequence using the onboard sequencer on the minilogue, then throw in variations/additional layers into that with the blackbox. It was really quick as far as workflow and got me making full tracks where before I was just making these static pieces that didn't go anywhere. Here I sampled the drum and synth parts individually, then it was all blackbox to arrange the drum and synth sequences in song mode. Was a bit unsure about the first synth lead, and was working on it today before starting a new preset for another track, and ended up saving the new track data over this preset (where I should have done a save-as). Oh well, guess I'm done with it .