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Time stretch in Keys mode

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  • Time stretch in Keys mode

    Hi all! I'm new to black box so please forgive me if this has already been asked

    I'm wondering if there's a way to play a sample on the keys without it playing faster/slower as you go up/down the keyboard. I think you can do this by entering notes in the key sequencer but I'm unsure of how to do it on the keyboard itself

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    If you change the cel to clip mode instead of sample mode it'll do the time stretching you want. Here's a video I did that shows it:


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      Thanks very much for clearing that up! Really appreciate your videos, they helped so much in understanding how to use blackbox


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        Really appreciate your vids, John. 1010 should pay you as it was you that sold mine to me.

        keep it up.

        John W


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          Very welcome Nbed20 and John Wellington-Wells I enjoy making them and they help me understand the machine much better having to explain it!


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            Originally posted by JohnPark View Post
            If you change the cel to clip mode instead of sample mode it'll do the time stretching you want. Here's a video I did that shows it:
            Hey John, love your videos too - really helpful. I'm new to my 1010 (and new to sampling generally), so had this same issue. But when I switch from sample to clip mode, the keys then seem muted. I started a pset by scratch, loaded up a simple piano note, but when I switch to clip, I press play on the sample screen top right, and the button turns white, no sound. Am I doing something obviously wrong? The reason I'm doing it is I'd like to play lots of notes on a piano keyboard without it speeding up as I go higher. But perhaps that's not the way to get a good piano sound anyway?


            • JohnPark
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              Thanks jonnnnny! Skorheim's answer did the trick, right? Hit play for clip mode to trigger.

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            I'm having this same problem, all other modes work, but clip mode has no sound. When i press play on the info wave page, the play icon turns white until pressed again


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              Figured it out, clip is quantized to bpm, so you have to press play before you can play the wav in clip mode


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                Clip samples are basically loops. The Keys section is made for one-shot samples or sliced samples...

                HOWEVER, I've been thinking about this and the fact that Clips can change pitch independent of playback speed makes me wonder why the one-shots and Slicers can't. Higher notes are resolved quicker than lower ones and it makes for inconsistent melodies. If the functionality is there, why not make it available to all sample types?


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                  Hi all, thanks, this is helpful. As I said, I'm new to all this, so does this mean it's not really possible to play stretched notes in keys mode WITHOUT it quantising to the BPM?

                  So what happens if I create a basic beat, then use a piano sample, for instance, to record over it in real-time. Can I only do that in keys mode, and therefore the note will distort as it gets further away from the original sampled note?

                  Or is that simply not really what the 1010 is designed for?


                  • Steve J
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                    Check out the multisample mode for this. You can load differently pitched samples of a piano into a single Pad (as an example) and set their individual Root Notes. This will spread them over a given range that will limit how much pitch shifting is needed for each sample.

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                  Thanks Steve J , I thought multisample mode might be a bit too complex for a beginner like me, but I'll have a go, cheers


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                    Hey JohnPark (couldn't work out how to reply to your comment directly) I think what I was trying to do is solved by multi-samples, so I can play a fuller range of notes. However, I'm still having an issue in that when I use one of the inbuilt multisamples (warm bass for example) there's a ringing on some of the notes but not others. Is that something I'm doing wrong? Will post a vid if that's not clear.
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