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  • MaxForLive Sequence Extractor/Parser

    Well.. The excitement of using my new Blackbox has had my mind racing with new ideas and so I have started a little MaxForLive project to make things even more fun.

    I've figured out how to parse/format strings of data from MaxMSP into a text file that can be saved as an text or labeled as an .xml file...

    I've already got a working patch that extracts sequence data from Ableton Live clips, so logically the next step is to merge the two, and grab a test sequence.
    Then I'll try to put it into an existing .xml preset file and see if the Blackbox likes it...

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    Here it is...a handy new sequence grabber for Ableton Live and the Blackbox.
    It requires Ableton Live 10 and MaxForLive.

    Just drag the patch into any MIDI track and click the Open Patch button.
    A pop-up window of the patch will appear. You can click "Floating On" to make sure the patch stays upfront when working with it.

    1) Click on a MIDI clip in Live.
    2) Select which Seq and Pad on the Blackbox this sequence is for.
    3) Set the settings as they should be reflected in the Blackbox.
    4) Use the "Transcription Grid Resolution" Setting to set how you have the Live clip grid setup.
    The easiest thing to do is use the Live clip's "Fixed Grid" setting to see where the steps should be and reflect this when you set the Grid Resolution value.
    5) Click "Grab Sequence". It will convert the clip into a Blackbox formatted sequence.
    6) Click "Edit" to see the result.
    7) Highlight and Copy this sequence data. Keep Track of which Blackbox Seq this is for by looking at the row and column.
    8) Open the Blackbox Preset .xml fie you want to add this too.
    9) Find the Seq based on its row and column. Highlight the existing Seq data and paste over it.
    10) Save the .xml preset file and put the preset on the Blackbox SD card.
    11) Load up the preset on the Blackbox.

    A neat trick you can do is change which Pad the Seq is for, copy just the note data and append it to the bottom of the existing Seq in the .xml.
    It should have multiple sequences for each Pad as the Blackbox.

    Please bear in mind this is a bit of a hack and could mess things up if you paste in the wrong place etc. This is also destructive , so do so at your own risk.
    I'm also doing this for free, so don't expect too much support from me as it is mostly a hack for the fun of it and I'm not affiliated with 1010music. I'm just a happy Blackbox user who's happy to share a hopefully useful patch.

    I hope this comes in handy and thanks to Aaron, Christine, and crew for their continued support and for making such a cool box.

    -Chris A


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      the link is doesn't work any more? How can i get this grabber? )

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    Not all heroes wear capes

    THANK YOU!!!


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      Chris. This sounds really cool. Thansk for doing it. I will check it out shortly.


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        So I couldn't help it but make a standalone Mac App version for converting MIDI files...

        You just drag the MIDI file into the drop area and it works the same as the other patch.
        You can open and use the Max 8 detonate MIDI UI editor to change things also.
        Bear in mind, that the time position of 125 in this editor is equal to 1 step at a 1/16th note step resolution.
        The App file size is a bit hefty because Max 8 seems to build the App with extra stuff even when you tell it not to include it. So I .zipped it to make it smaller.
        You may have to do the give permissions trickery in MacOS to get it to open.
        I'll try to make a Windows standalone App at some point also.




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          I posted this on the FB Blackbox site also. If you are using Mojave, the App is not actually damaged. It's just Apple's way of making it harder for DYI software people. I'm not really wanting to go through the process of paying Apple for a developer's licence just to get this app an approval ID.

          The work-around is to get your computer to use the old use Apps from "Anywhere" setting in System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General. I assure you that I haven't put anything malicious in this App and if you wish to get this working I suggest you follow these instructions:

          Alternatively, if you have Max 8, here's the MaxMSP patch which is much smaller.


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            Originally posted by oscillatedspace View Post
            I'll try to make a Windows standalone App at some point also.
            Trying hard not to look too greedy...


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              Amazing work. I'd be up for a Windows standalone app as well, but don't want to breath down your neck. You've already done a lot!


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                Soon! Planning on putting the windows standalone together this weekend.


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                  Ok here it is...


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                    ..but actually here is the Windows standalone version of the MIDI app


                    Keep in mind this is only made for grabbing single track MIDI sequences at the moment. Multi-track MIDI files aren't really supported with this yet.
                    At a 1/16th note resolution, 1 step = 125 in the MaxMSP detonate MIDI editor. So you should be able to adjust notes manually if need be.
                    In the editor, you just click the note and type in the onset value.

                    And remember, sequences in the BB are measured as steps, not as time, so you'll still have to figure out what resolution matches your MIDI sequence.
                    It's also worth mentioning that at a 1/ 64th note resolution, the BB will only play 2 bars of steps as 128 x 64th note = 2 Bars

                    After all is set you just click Grab Sequence. Click Edit, copy the data and then paste over the same data in a preset .xml file.

                    Max8 only outputs 64bit standalone apps and I've tested it on Windows 10, so hopefully it does what it should.



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                      Yay! I'll give it a try! Thank you very much!


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                        wow! thank you.


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                          Good stuff Mr oscillatedspace .
                          Brilliant, took my short att. span on a mesmerizing trip all the way to the sudden end lol
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                            This is a brilliant piece! Thanks for sharing.

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                          Super useful, thank you for this!