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What's your main use case for the blackbox ? Sample module or main sequencer, other ?

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    I purchased the BB to have a portable on the go sampler to capture my Modular performances and intergrade it to my performances.
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      Pretty much use the BB as a drum machine and midi sequencer for my finger drumming setup.

      I combine drum samples with analog drums to create a hybrid kit that I loop and layer on the fly.
      Some pads are digital, some are analog, and some are a mixture of both.
      I keep the top left upmost pad free for a sample that I control via my keystep.

      Absolutely love how the BB has opened up by options in ways that has really allowed my creativity to be harnessed.
      The size alone is huge in terms of that!
      As you can see from the picture, being able to mount the BB between two drum controllers and underneath my drum synthesizer has made my workflow so much better.

      Very excited for this machines future!

      Kinda want 2 of them.


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        Originally posted by cdbarbuto View Post
        As you can see from the picture, being able to mount the BB between two drum controllers and underneath my drum synthesizer has made my workflow so much better
        Nice setup!

        I use mine for sampling my other synths and bring with me when I go to work to make songs. It is so portable!


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          I am looking a BB as a resampling idea capturer and then chopper (mpc style)

          I have an OP1, Digitakt, PO33, and MakeNoise 0-coast.

          I love the Digitakt when I'm jamming on it, but do not like it's arranger and no song mode. Best stuff on the digitakt is the performance, not the programming. Hard to capture that sometimes

          Love the OP1 for jamming, but end up limited by the 4 track tape recorder

          0-coast is a wild box that I run through a Strymon tape delay, can't record the stereo output into the digitakt and op1 doesn't sample long enough.

          I just want a box that will sit there, that I can record an idea when I stumble on something I like, but then that idea can be progressed later.

          I bought a mpc live, but was too slow and cumbersome for this idea.

          BB looks really to be exactly what I want. Love the 3 stereo outs too.. really great that's on here.

          I started my musical journey on Jeskola Buzz and I really like the interface on the BB , has a real tracker vibe


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            I'm a guitarist and pianist, so I basically hope to use it as a brain to play other instrument parts standalone in a live setting (keys, drums, bass). I mainly bought it because it was small and has a sequencer, and I could probably get some samples going that are playable on keys (polyphony wise) as well, I hope to anyway. I haven't gotten mine yet, still waiting for it in the mail, but I'm super excited for sure.


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              I used my Blackbox live for the first time last night. It was paired with an OP-Z, linked through a RetroKits RK-005. It provided the main musical elements and samples while being the master unit for a DAW less jam. Worked great. Only one hiccup when I recalled a preset that had a sequence enabled while in song mode from an earlier edit session.