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    Here comes another variant. Given little time and little space (job, kids), I wanted a solution where I could leave my Launchkey Mini Mk3 and BB connected and put them away in one unit. Admittedly, the case seems at first inordinately large given the small dimensions of the BB. However, I only need to remove the lid and connect the BB with the power bank and can start including controller immediately. I use the case upside down, BB and controller are firmly attached to the original lid. Power supply, midi cable and other accessories also have room. So nothing for the train when traveling, but as an instant mini studio for home! bewahrung&qid=1616357605&sprefix=Cd+ko&amp ;sr=8-4


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      Originally posted by Bitcat View Post
      There is also this one with molded foam inside and enough space for the power plug, also foam on top to protect the screen.
      I just want to thank you for posting this. These Bose Soundlink cases worked well for what I needed, which was to put them away without damaging anything.

      The price is cheap, and they fit snuggly inside with decent padding. It's a bit tight because of the foam, but there's room to shave a bit off if you feel compelled to do so.

      For now, I'm keeping the wallwart in the box, but I'll likely just keep necessary cables there as I'm powering off of separate power bricks for each.

      Link for the case: