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  • Colorblind

    Hi and thanks for a great device!

    I think its good to think about people with colorblindness eventhough I wish there would be an option for people with colorblindness they can active.

    A question I thought of:

    What colors/combinations is suitible for people with colorblindness?

    It would be easier to come up with ideas to improve the Black Box if I knew that.
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    Hi there,
    As you probably know colour blindness is very complex, two individuals with a red/green deficiency for example will still see colours differently and not necessarily agree on a particular colour or set of colours.
    There will also be discrepancies with colours supposedly outside of the deficiency spectrum.
    Then there is ambient lighting, or other light pollution sources, angle of viewing etc that can affect colour detection. Also things like LEDs with a luminescence play havoc on colour perception.
    I personally feel colourblindness is a hidden disability and it should be treated as such.
    Colourblindness can ruin your life!

    I wonder, what is it exactly you are trying to ascertain? Are you having problems with the BB?


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      Hi, I would like to know more about what can be done with the interface. What colors can be used and in what combinations? I know the blackbox team wants to keep this device easy for people with color blindness and non color blindness and I respect that.