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Will changing presets ever be seamless??

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  • Will changing presets ever be seamless??

    I'm secretly most excited for the ability to change presets and have it not glitch out while it loads. Probably not possible! But dam that would be a really great thing to work!

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    Good question. It won't be easy, but I wouldn't completely rule it out. We shall see.


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      Until this is resolved, I was thinking about using a looper pedal that can be midi synced. Load the end of one jam into the looper and change presets while the pedal does it's thing.


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        I would also very much like this.

        At the moment I pair an additional hardware item (like a drum machine) to the Blackbox specifically to keep something playing while I jump presets. It'd be a lot more inspiring, confidence building and offer greater flow if a seamless switch was possible.

        I propose having a 'Live Preset' and a 'Ready Preset' to load into, a setting for 'Preset Switch Quantize' then a command to switch the presents Live>Ready and Ready>Live at the next quantize point.


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          I'd be equally happy with a simple seamless Program Change.


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            The Deluge does this. You can que up loading the next preset (project, in their case), and it doesn't even cut fx tails or envelopes. It's really a brilliant implementation, so for reference on how it's done, the Deluge might be a good inspiration.


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              That deluge looks incredible. Honestly I want one too


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                Originally posted by peachnoise View Post
                That deluge looks incredible. Honestly I want one too
                It's an incredible accomplishment, but it's been so loaded with updates that it's quite a confusing instrument these days. In a way, it's the anti-Blackbox. I consider the Blackbox a singular and focused instrument, which is why it's killer. The Deluge is everything, which one might think is great until one has tried what it means to be able to do anything, everything, through an interface that doesn't show much of anything

                But okay, the Deluge is a fantastic achievement and Synthstrom is world class in customer service and community support. So they're def the good guys.


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                  I have the blackbox, Deluge and Akai Force and I must say that the blackbox wins because of the the small formfactor and the simpleness in its workflow. And it will just improve because the developers at 1010music is fantastic listeners!


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                    Hi forum

                    I was thinking a potentially easier implementation for something like this (until/if presets can be loaded seamlessly) would be to create some sort of "Safe Load" option.

                    Basically an option you select where when you load a new preset it only loads pads from the new preset that are "not currently playing".

                    This way you can have a minimal amount pads playing at the end of a song and then load the new preset. The single or few pads that are playing will continue to play and the rest will change to match the new preset. Then you can start playing pads from the new preset while stopping the old ones.

                    Ideally they pads would automatically change once they stopped playing but you could always load the preset again once you stop playing the old pads.

                    Hopefully this makes sense. I'm fairly new to Blackbox but create a lot of Max 4 Live devices so I'm always thinking of solutions to problems in music making

                    I would like to say that I love it as is but it's fun to think of new ways to improve something you like!


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                      Most easy solution use 2 blackboxes ! (+ safer then 1 unit when playing out live ..(set on 2 maschines incase..) and still around simular cost as a mc707, akai force or deluge )