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  • Blackbox 1.2 Beta Discussion

    Verison 1.2 is now available. Please let us know what you think below.

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    Hi Aaron,

    Speed control on the Granular is bipolar - is this correct? Below 0% it just seems to freeze.



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      Moving notes left/right is awesome, but what about the up/down function now? We need both of them!

      A big hooray for the movable cursor. That makes renaming stuff a breeze now..

      Really digging the Granular Mode. What about speed control scrubbing backwards with negative values instead of freezing?


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        Great update! New layout seems to work really well. The granular addition adds a nice creative angle to the BB rather than just sample playback

        I never really expected the granular functionality to be added at all let alone so quickly! As others have noted, the negative speed value does seem to just freeze. Would be great to have backwards playback. Adding random playback of the granular slices across the sample would be the cherry on the cake.


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          Originally posted by Dan View Post
          Moving notes left/right is awesome, but what about the up/down function now? We need both of them!
          The keys page has full up/down/left/right movement of the notes. The pads page only has left right. I assume as you're supposed to placing an event on a specific pad track? Up/down on this page would also be welcome to me as it means that you could just 'stab' at the screen and move the event into place.


          • Dan
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            You're right. I should have checked the keys page! That's great..

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          Thanks so much for such a big update! The new functions are really great!
          The copy and paste of pads alone lets you get so creative!
          Do variations of a sample quickly (e.g. same sample with other pitch, other fx amount, other decay, other slice etc.)
          This lets you record accents and variations easily.
          But the 16 pads eat up pretty fast using this way of work.

          Haven't checked the other stuff, but this alone will keep me busy for a good amount of time.


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            This is a wonderful update, I love the new navigation for menus in the pad mode.

            And of course, the granular synthesis is excellent. Every parameter in it opens so much possibility.


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              The new way of automatically routing midi from external keyboard to the pad for chromatic playing/record is a perfect solution for me. The new MIDI keys parameter is under the Tools/Midi page, btw.. Just set it to the channel of the input midi keyboard and the BB will route it to the selected pad.
              Have to try with external gear, but i guess the new Midi Out on the pad will do the routing the same way.
              Edit: Seems not to work that way. I created a topic in support section ...
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                Great update.



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                  To call this an incredible update in an understatement. Well done Aaron and Christine. I'm beyond happy to be crafting my art on this thing you gave birth to. Cannot wait to see the refinements to come.


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                    A supergreat update! Good work! I still waiting for a greater improvent of the song mode.

                    Some comments about the beta version:

                    I wish more consistent in how the knobs works. For example in PADS mode I wish the left lower knob let you chose left/right and right lower knob let you go up/down (exactly like you move a note in SEQ mode/KEYS) I wish they followed a path from left corner, left all the way up to the right upper corner when you turn the left lower knob right. And up from left lower corner, that starts again from the pad right of the left lower corner pad, and so on to you reach the right upper corner by turning the right lower knob right. The two upper knobs could be to change volume (when you turn right upper knob) and go to copy/paste etc menu (when you turn left upper knob). Try not to have two knobs that do the same job. By the way, would like a UNDO button if you accidentally cleared a pad.

                    By having consistent behavior of the knobs I believe the workflow will increase. The function when you turn a knob right or left should be what you expected. Please go through the different modes and see if you find parts that could be more consistent and try to eliminate functions that is not.

                    Keep up the great work you do!
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                    • blipson
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                      Yeah. I just force myself to memorize and get used to what the knobs do, which is annoying, but I don't have any specific suggestions right now.

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                    i tried to install 1.2 but when BB restarts it says 1.1.1. I dropped the bin file to the SD card followed by proper firmware upgrade procedure. It said it was successful then restarted. Not sure what I’m doing wrong..


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                      Originally posted by Makrotulpa View Post
                      Speed control on the Granular is bipolar - is this correct? Below 0% it just seems to freeze.
                      That was an oversight. It should be unipolar and from 0% to 200%. You can always run the sample backwards using reverse or bidirectional looping.


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                        skintechnician double-check that the file on your SD card is named BLACKBOX.BIN. -- I had unzipped it to the same directory as some previous ones, so my operating system named it BLACKBOX 3.BIN which didn't work. I renamed it and the update went fine.


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                          Excellent update. Thanks for your hard work 1010Music!