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Gran sweep via MIDI/ MIDI CC List?

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  • Gran sweep via MIDI/ MIDI CC List?

    Hi All.
    I heard a rumour that you can sweep the new granular mode loop points in real time via midi. Is that true?

    I'm currently creating a custom preset for my QuNeo to control my new Blackbox and I've found bits of info all over the place on what's controllable over midi, and it's added to with each firmware update, which is pretty often. So, unless it doesn't already exist somewhere I think it would be handy to many to have such a list with all the available CC #'s on it.
    If such a (unto date) list does exist can somebody please point me that direction?


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    The current MIDI sources for modulation of the Start/Length/Loop Start/Loop Length (and other modulatable parameters) are:

    - Pitch
    - Velocity
    - Mod Wheel (CC #1)
    - Volume (CC #7)
    - Pan (CC #10)


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      Yeah, thanks for that.

      I think I was looking for is 'The parameter tables in this document indicate which parameters can be used as Modulation Targets' referred to on p41 of the manual, but seem to be absent,

      An image or two of the '3 black boxes' would've given me more of an idea what I was looking for. Of course, once you piece the clues together it's totally logical. Maybe I'm a little slow.

      Since the last firmware update the manual is a little obsolete on this subject as the layout differs.
      p41- bullet # 3 reads: 'Push I N F O until you see the parameter you want to modulate.' Pushing INFO now just takes you back to the waveform screen.

      I'v just put a little step by step guide together for anyone who might find it difficult to navigate, I'll post it shortly.

      Thanks for your help.


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        visionmusic thanks for doing this. It takes time, which is something I'm currently lacking, so I really appreciate you going around and searching for this info and making a beta version of the documentation for all of us. I intended to do that, but it's good to know it's being taken care of by someone else on this forum. Really appreciated.

        I recently bought a MIDI Fighter Twister to use with the BB and being able to map CC messages to various parameters (level, pan, granular, loop points) is something I'm really looking forward to being able to do. We're still far from having all parameters being available, but let's hope it'll happen sometime soon.