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The Toraiz SP-16 with the Blackbox

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  • The Toraiz SP-16 with the Blackbox

    I'm looking for something that can expand the Blackbox to larger live sets. Given that there's a glitch between preset loading (though arguably, it could be worse), I just don't want to bring it on stage. But I love everything else about the Blackbox, so I'm looking for a complementary solution that kind of thinks and operates in similar ways as the Blackbox, but just has more fluent options for larger sets and switching between more batches of content.

    I'm comfortable on the Octatrack and have used it for years, but am slowly growing weary of it, because it's pretty slow even when you know it. Looking for options, the closest I've found is the Toraiz SP-16. I've given it a go in the store and damn, it's fast to work with (and sounds great!).

    Anyone has experience with the Toraiz and can chime in? If not, what's your proposed solution for bringing your Blackbox work on stage, if you don't want to bring the Blackbox proper?

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    Buy a second one
    As i know of other machines, it's difficult to switch if a change of FX is involved. As of now the BB has fixed FX over projects/presets. If in the future different fx would be possible, that would be critical.


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      As nice as that would be to have two, it would replace the issue of layering with the issue of consistency between the two.

      For now, I'm sticking with the Octatrack for coherence in longer sessions and using the Blackbox to actually write the tracks.

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    I did a gig last weekend with two blackboxes. It was nice being able to layer them.


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      Yes, crossfading between 2 units is the shizzle for live performance. This is why my live case has 2 x bitboxes and 2 x fxbox's in it. It also gives you some time to choose the right preset and to make sure that everything is dialled in before bringing in the next layer..