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Ableton Live Set to Blackbox Preset: Max4Live Patch

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  • Ableton Live Set to Blackbox Preset: Max4Live Patch

    Hi all,

    i’ve been contemplating it since making other patches and MIDI standalones. I’m making an Ableton Live set with a patch that converts to a full Blackbox patch... I’ll keep you posted.

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    Progress... I've figured out a way to make this a non-Max4Live parser. You can decompress a .als Ableton Live file using any generic un-compressor app since it's just a gZip file. I'm making a standalone app that you can drag an un-Gzipped .als template file in and it will automatically convert it to a Blackbox .xml file. Sequences only at this point.
    It grabs data from the Ableton clips also, so no messing about with menus and settings. You just setup the clips in Live and they have all the data that will be needed.

    More updates soon.



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      Watching this space excitedly! Link a tip-jar!


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        Thanks for the update.


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          It is alive!




          This does not require Ableton Live Suite and MaxForLive

          For now this app will just grab Sequences from a Live set and create a new BB preset with the data.

          This is based on BB beta 1.30 OS

          Please keep in mind this is a bit of a hack and might not always work.

          I might not keep up with updating it.

          Please note, to make this work you will need to use a 3rd party app to unzip the .als Ableton file as it is a gZip file.

          macOS users Please note: You will have to enable your computer to allow apps that aren't Apple approved to run this.

          I'm not going to go through Apple app certification just to get this approved. Some instructions here:

          Basic instructions:

          Open the BBLiveSetConverter app.

          Open the BBLiveConvertTemplate file

          The sequences are ordered vertically as scenes in Live

          The Pads in each Sequence are represented horizontally.

          Note: The app grabs the Sequences parameter values "from the 1st clip only"

          Select the 1st Pad in a sequence and open it

          Option + Click the Piano Roll clip edit area

          Fixed Grid = Step Len : Setting this will adjust the BB Seq. step length and resolution

          Triplet Grid = Turns BB Triplet Step Len values on or off

          Under the Clips Launch section Quantization = BB Seq Quant Size

          The Loop End marker for the Clip = BB Step Count

          If a sequence loop end marker is set beyond 128 steps, the app always just takes up 128 steps.

          Eg. Step Len = 1/32 and there are 8 bars of notes. BB can only take 4 bars at 1/32.

          See the image for what gets grabbed.

          Once you have set the sequence parameters it is a good idea to copy the blank clip across all pads in that sequence.

          Enter notes into the clips. Keep things according to the grid settings you have set.

          It's probably a good idea to quantize live MIDI recordings to the grid settings you've chosen for that sequence.

          Save your Live set.

          Download an app that can handle decompressing a gZip file.

          I used The Unarchiver Mac and 7-zip Windows:

          Find your Ableton Live .als file that you saved

          Open this file using The Unarchiver

          macOS: option+click the .als file open with -> other -> The Unarchiver

          This should create a text version of the .als file

          Drag this text version of the Live Set File to the drop area of the BB Converter App

          Wait a bit until it says ready

          Click Convert

          Wait for it to finish

          View the newly created BB preset file if you like

          Click save, name the preset and add .xml at the end of the name.

          Drag this file onto your BB micro SD card and it should hopefully show up and load.

          If for some reason the preset crashes the BB, there might be some rogue note in there that you might need to tame. Keep things simple and it should hopefully work. This hasn't been tested much so there could be bugs too.



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            Wow looks great...I might even buy Live for this.....Any chance you could make a little video?


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              I've come across a limitation in my app, but it had to do with the maximum Sequence event limit.
              Make sure you don't go beyond 512 note events per Sequence!
              Sure the app will grab all the events in a Seq, but loading the preset with more than 512 notes in a Seq will crash/re-boot the BB.
              When editing notes on the BB, it automatically limits you to 512 and will not let you add more.
              This is handy, but my app doesn't do this so be careful. I may add an event limiter in there at some point.