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Muting a pad from headphone output and resampling

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  • Muting a pad from headphone output and resampling

    Ok I'm about to make the leap to buying one of these boxes but one quick question I have and would appreciate if anyone knows the answer.

    I have a Strymon elcap and I would like to hook up one of the stereo outputs to it and send a single pad to the out (say out 2) and feed that back in to the input and record the effected audio to a new pad.

    Is this possible?

    It looks like you cannot stop a pad going to the headphone output, is that correct?

    Another way around potentially is if a muted pad still sent its out put out of one of the optional outs.

    I want to avoid any nasty feedback loops if possible!


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    So, it is true that all pads/assignable outputs are routed to the headphone output. Which means if you send one pad to a separate output to re-sample it, you will hear both the dry signal and effected signal thru the headphone output, which doesn’t mean that’s what BB will record, but it will make it harder (and less fun) to play with your FX. So you’ll want to use another one of the available outputs as a discreet monitoring output, with all audio that you want to hear (minus the pad with the dry signal, which is routed to its own output) routed to it. That’s the way I know for now, until perhaps a future firmware update where we can mute a pad from being routed to the headphone mix.

    hope that helps, and if anyone else has a better workaround please elaborate.


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      Thanks BOXturtle , that's a good workaround. I have put in my order and now awaiting delivery of the blackbox