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MPC Live vs Blackbox

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    Dude, that tight fitting USB is the dream and what you want in live gear. Why not leave it plugged in the back of the unit and just take it out of the other end.


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      Mine is way beyond a normal, secure USB jack.
      I’ve never encountered one like this. It’s out of spec on my box.


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        I agree that a tight fitting USB socket/cable is amazing for live use, but leaving it plugged in isn't really an option when taking it on the road (which is one of the reasons I got it). The few times I plugged/unplugged the cable it seemed overly tight, but now it's just right.


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          No comparison, no VS ... BB is nice but not for BoomBap, or Trap beats because of the quantize limitations.. cool for techno.


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            Ive had the MPC Live for about 1 1/2 yrs. I just got the blackbox about 2 weeks ago and it is alot of fun to play with. The BB is way easier to lean to play. I think Ive learned more about the BB in 2 weeks than 1 1/2 yrs with MPC Live. I havent figured out how to link them up yet but its on my todo list. Any tips welcomed.


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              i've had other samplers including Mpc Live, Octatrack, OP-1, SP404s and Organelle. They all have different quirks, but a lot of weaknesses too. In my opinion Blackbox has the best overall functionality while keeping things simple.

              I had the MPC live and Octatrack for around 1-2 years and sold both of them. Now keeping the Blackbox and I'm very happy with it. For immediacy and coming up with new ideas, none of those machines are as quick as the BB in my opinion. (except OP-1 and 404, but other limitations there) For instance Just going to a different sound then setting it up to be played monophonically or polyphonically takes a lot of menu diving compared to BB.

              Biggest problem I had with the MPC was that you couldn't loop at pad like the Toggle function on Blackbox. Being limited to the Ram was another issue for me.
              Octatrack is fun but no polyphonic sample playing, no threshold recording, no transient / threshold slicing. On the other hand it has 3 LFOs per track, great modulation and mangling possibilities.

              those 3 stereo outputs are a huge plus when you match the BB with another sampler or FX unit.

              lack of a looper functionality and unquantized recording like the MPC or Octatrack are what I miss on the BB. But if you combine it with another sampler like an SP404, you get a super fun, fast workflow.

              The tightness of the USB input is the same on all Blackbox devices I guess. Had the same issue and wanted to exchange it with a different unit, but we tested couple of other units back at the store and they also has the same issue. As someone suggested above, I just keep the tight end of the USB always plugged and remove the other end if I need to.
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                I looked at both and waited and waited for the MPC range to get long file record & stream. Eventually I realised it just isn't a priority to Akai - but it is for me. I don't use the BB's sequencer or song mode - for me it's all about triggering very long ambient sections freely which can overlap or whatever. So within my fairly narrow range of needs, the BB is almost perfect. (I'd have paid more for a larger screen or physical pads plus full-sized jacks, but appreciate people like the tiny mobile-phone app-style design).
                Had I got the MPC (as my pal did recently), I'd probably still be learning its intricacies rather than making music.