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Report: Using the Blackbox for a live show

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  • Report: Using the Blackbox for a live show

    I had a chance to use the BB for a show and wanted to report/hear about others experiences. Hopefully someone finds this useful.
    1. Below is a shot of my rig. First of all the BB worked perfectly! Setup was almost 5 hours before my slot and the BB (as well as the whole rig) was powered on the entire time. I had done LOTS of tests before this and despite two issue having to restart the BB I felt confident enough to use it.
    2. Everything audio/midi wise is run through the iconnect. One Twister is dedicated to the Eurorack (MG, Magneto, 2 Black holes and the ER-301) and the other is for BB only. Ribn (phone app) goes to both BB and Euro. But I ended up only using it with the Euro.
    3. I can live sample to the BB with this setup but chose to use the ER-301 for that instead. The reason is because of the way I work and not necessarily a fault of the BB. Since there is no CC control for record/play on the BB (let alone being able to select which cell) I can't abstract those duties out to a controller which is how everything else in my rig works. But I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that ability!
    4. I didn't want to give the BB too many duties since it (and me working with it) are so new. Also, at the time of this show Oct 5th 2019, the CC learn function and new CC controls were not out yet so using the BB for sample playback only made the most sense. The dedicated Twister was volume for each pad and that worked perfectly. I turned the samples on and off via the screen and absolutely love the feedback bar at the bottom of each sample!
    I have been using the Octatrack for almost 5 years now (live and in the studio) and love and trust the workflow 100%. I think the BB has so much potential and some big benefits over the OT that I had to try it out. I'm ONLY comparing the two because I'm trying to see if the BB could be used in MY particular situation instead of the OT. This was proof number 1. That is, can I rely on it in a live situation physically (using the screen, midi CC's, form factor etc). And that's a big YES! With the new midi CC learn function it just got even better and I've already started working on my next rig upgrade and I'm loving the results (more on that later).

    So what are the Con's/wishes (again ONLY for my use case but I'm hoping others may feel the same)?
    1. I am a 100% visual person and that's a huge reason I was attracted to the BB. I abstract almost all of my controls with the OT and any live rig so I don't have to look around and use visual processing power (especially on a sporadically dark stage) to interact with my setup. That said, I'd like everything to have Midi CC control (ADSR or just AR) and the BB is getting there. However for me the sampling needs Record/Overdub controls per pad. With the setup I'm experimenting with now, I could easily have 16 pads controlling record/overdub and 16 pads for live triggering.
    2. Visually, I'd love 2 things. First, as much as I love the aesthetic Aaron chose (and the reasons why) I'd love to be able to see a more descriptive name on each cell. On another thread I suggested a setting to change the font and it's size. Second, selectable cell colors. It's a well tested system (Maschine, MPC, Twister and Linnstrument to name a few).
    I'm sure as I get more hours on the BB under my belt I'll have more tweaks but these are the big ones. I want to stress that the BB is a splendid machine and I get that 1010 were not trying to replace the OT or MPC. Rather they have introduced their own style of sampler based on an extremely well throughout and tested form/framework they've become known for. And I 100% respect that! This is my first 1010 product and I'm over the moon with it's quality. The team really listens to feedback and I can't thank them enough for that!! I only hope some of my experience with the BB is helpful


    Click image for larger version

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    Interesting read, thanks!


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      Thanks for the photos and the details. It is extremely helpful.


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        Hi Paul, awesome post! May I ask how you set your midi fighter up for this? I have one as well and can’t get it to work.


        • Painting Silence
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          you basically make sure you map the the twister's midi notes the same as shown in the midi implementation chart of the BB manual, depending if you want it to control the BB's sequencer or the sample screen. I would set the midi cc of the twister the same as the midi note simply for a better overview though that does not matter much as the LEARN function of the BB picks up any midi CC. hope this helps you some

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        HI BoutiqueCase ,

        When I put this rig together the latest BB firmware (ver 1.30) was not available. So my explanation would be outdated and useless with the current firmware. With 1.3 ydo this:

        Program a bank of 16 knobs each to the same midi channel (it doesn't have to be done this way but it is easier if you want to use a keyboard to play pads AND trigger them). Each knob has to have it's own individual CC number. On the BB go to tools/ Midi and change the "Midi Pads" channel to the one you just programmed on the MF. Then plug in the MF to the BB, go to the info screen of a pad, select midi, touch a black box under say the level parameter, hit learn in the upper right, twist the MF knob you'd like for that pad and your done.

        It's sooooo much easier that the 1010 crew implemented "learn"!!!! So stoked they did CC control this way. I wish the Octatrack and many others would have too!

        Hope this helps


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          Quasimonastic Thanks! I did exactly that, they only problem with this was that I also turned the volume on the BB down to -50db (otherwise I couldn’t mute it complete with the MFT) and set the cc amount to 80% (to be able to get around +12db if needed). I saved al empty 16 pads with these settings as a “midi fighter template” and immediately did an ‘save as’ to start a new project. Now although a bit cumbersome, this works. UNTIL I change the sample type!! (for example from sample to clip). It forgets the learned midi cc and resets itself to MVOL.

          How did you manage to get the volume down enough to mute it without changing the mod amount?


          • Dan
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            Apply CC to two modulation slots 100% and you'll get the full range of 0-127