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Free HQ Multisamples for BB - Pianobook!

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  • Free HQ Multisamples for BB - Pianobook!

    Hey there! I updated to v1.3 just yesterday, and I was - still am - super excited about the multisample support. It takes BB to new heights.

    My first though was to use multisamples from For those who don't know, pianobook is the brainchild of Christian Henson, co-founder of Spitfire Audio - the leading firm in sampled libraries, with big names having their libraries made from Spitfire (Hanz Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, etc).

    So, pianobook is a collective sample project. It has free - yes, free! - multisamples from various pianos, recorded by their owners. Plenty of the entries have the wav files, and they're already tagged with note numbers. (tip: the ones for the EXS24 sampler all have wav's, some patches made for Kontakt may not)

    Most of these entries follow a sampling formula that Henson proposed, into which selected notes are sampled. So, most of the pianos don't include 88 samples (well, few libraries do that anyway...), but 12 or more, spread across octaves.

    Feel free to check it out. There are wonderfull pianos inside.

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    Hi Manthos, can you fill me in on the file labelling to get multisamples to load on the correct note? Say I have a folder of sounds from a synth and I've sample them 4 semitones apart, how do I label them to get them to load onto the correct keyboard notes?


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      You have to first apply the according 'root note' parameter and then save the sample.
      There was a bug in 1.3 with that but should now work with 1.3.3.


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        Thanks. I'm also looking at a way to bake the root note data into the sample file on the computer, possible even a batch process, so when I 'load all' on the BB they're read to roll, to save drilling into the info of each individually on the BB.


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          Hi all

          Pianobook looks fantastic. Can you give me more guidance on how to put the multisamples into the Blackbox? I downloaded a piano called Quarantine and got loads of wav files like this.

          Many thanks


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          • shankiphonic
            shankiphonic commented
            Editing a comment
            * grab 12 or 24 nt2000 harmonica notes starting at a C note, ascending file name order should match note order
            * ideally put them in 24/48 to optimize bb processing power. (there are free audio bitrate converters, its worth it to do this)
            * put all these files in a folder, name the folder Harmonica or something...
            * copy that folder to your bb sd card
            * from inside a preset, tap a pad, tap load, navigate to the CONTENTS of the harmonica folder.
            * tap file > load all.

            then when that pad selected, hit keys to play the notes.
            keep in mind, to my knowledge, at this time, multisamples always get rooted on C2, and are laid out on consecutive keys until the samples run out.... anything lower than c2 is digitally pitch shifted down from c2. anything higher than what you've loaded us pitch shifted up (from the highest sample?)

            I'm finding 1 octave might be ok for chords, but 2 is really better.
            I'll probably start doing at least 2 octaves going forward.
            the digital pitch shifting is noticeable for more complex samples like pads or synths that have a lot of character.
            There is a hard limit below 88 per multisample, but I forget what it is.
            there is also a hard limit for the number of samples you can have in a preset.