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Blackbox as Live Playback Device

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  • Blackbox as Live Playback Device

    This machine looks fantastic, has anyone use this as a capable Playback device in a live setting? For example could I have 4 separate backing wav files/tracks coming out of the outputs 1 and 2 and use the built in mixer to EQ? Would this work with the SEQ/SONG modes?

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    Yes, absolutely


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      The BB works great as a Backing Track player, you can route click/cue tracks and individual tracks or sounds to its 6 individual outs, use it also to trigger samples freely. I used it in the past month for many shows and I had absolutely no problem. You can have many shows or versions of them on the memory card, track length is barely unlimited. And the best is the BB is so small and portable. It is really recommendable.


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        can you explain how you cue the tracks ? I wanted to playbalc some tracks aswell , instead of using ableton ... but I felt a bit lost tbh I feel you cant really have a control over the files , or you have to "pads" window.