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    I use my BB as playback for wavs. I do all the work ahead of time in Logic Pro and then bounce the different song parts as separate Pads on the BB. I set the BB's preset tempo to whatever the songs is in. I can then start/stop any section I want. It has freed up and enhanced by shows by leaps and bounds.

    I have MANY long wav files on my card. I have learned to let the preset "load" for a few seconds before starting a long sample, just to give the machine a chance to load everything In that preset. Also, I learned the hard way that USB jacks on power strips aren't reliable enough. I now use the USB jack in my CIOKS power supply and it gives the BB a clean, healthy signal.

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      Originally posted by gsirvine View Post
      Being able to trigger song length midi is ideal for this workflow if one is triggering synths live. If there is a video for showing the workaround for this that could be useful. Or if a feature was added to make this doable.
      It depends on what "song length MIDI" means to you. It is possible. Each of the 16 sequences can be up to 512 steps in length with a step size of up to 8 bars each. So you may need to rethink how you create your MIDI files for importing -- and how you trigger your particular sections, etc.