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Sequencer bug in Firmware 1.3??

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  • Sequencer bug in Firmware 1.3??

    I have yet to play with the sequencer until today and I found what I'm guessing is a bug. I'm recording into a sequencer cell (see setting s below). The pads are set to gate with short release times. Everything works and sounds as expected while I'm recording. That is, a bunch of very short bursts of sounds and the pads correctly show a square in each 16th slot that I played. However, when I hit either record or stop each 16th note expands to the full 16 step length as if when I recorded I held down the pad keeping the gate open. Which I did not. I get the same error recording from the screen and an external midi controller.

    Of course if I turn duty cycle to say 4% I can get the sound I'm after but that's missing the point.

    I fully get that this could be user error so please chime in if so.

    1. Step Length = 1/16
    2. Step Count = 16
    3. Duty Cycle = 100
    4. Quantize = 1/16

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    You aren't missing anything. Blackbox has a step sequencer. It only records notes in separate steps and the length as one or more steps. Yes, you can adjust duration with the duty cycle as you found. Let us know if this does not help.