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Disturbing envelope clicks when using sample polyphony

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  • Disturbing envelope clicks when using sample polyphony

    Hey all,

    There's this sharp, clicking sound when I play the Blackbox polyphonically, multi sample style, as the envelope resets. As soon as there's some kind of action going on that's not long chords or single, drawn out notes, the clicks occur.

    I don't mind, I don't expect the BBox to be a fully fledged multisample instrument, but I do want to make sure that this is the way it works and not me doing something wrong.

    Here's how to reproduce:
    Pick a multisample. I tend to go for the Roads or one of the pianos in the factory multisamples.

    Make it polyphonic.

    Play either:
    Something arpeggio-like, with a fairly high tempo, enough for the voice stealing to occur. Don't give any note time to breathe. After the fourth note, you should hear a distinct click as the envelope resets to play the fifth note, and any notes after that.


    A series of four-note chords, timing close to each other. Same experience.

    The four note limit itself is fine, you can do a lot with four notes and the voice stealing itself is also cool. It's the actual distinct CLICK, as the envelopes reset, which I don't like and more or less make polyphony useless to me for anything else than slow pads, long chords or single, sustained notes overlapping. Which is cool, I can work with that -

    But is this as it is? Or am I doing something wrong?

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    I think it is as it is. As you cut the wave of the 4th Note the phase of the wave gets cut. Cutting a wave at non-zero always causes clicking.


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      Yep, makes sense. I just wanted to do like Elsa and know that I could let it go


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        Yeah, polyphonic sampled instruments is not it's strong point. However, back in the day they were able to build samplers that, while stealing voices when maxing out, they worked out how to do it without the clicks. I found you have to wind the release right off to avoid pops and clicks.