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Are hardware resource based limitations.available?

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  • Are hardware resource based limitations.available?

    Hello all,

    The blackbox is intriguing and unique. I do think it will fit well within my workflow.

    However, I am interested in knowing if there are suggested limits due to lack of CPU speed. For instance, I've seen a lot of talk around the use of polyphonic samples, simultaneously playing samples, and use of FXs affecting stable/intended functionality... specifically midi clock (which must require high precision clocking). Also, lack of flexible modulation destinations.

    I am not a developer, but am a systems guy and have a half way decent understanding of hardware and ASICs and the like. My "fear," as it may be called, is that I purchase a blackbox now and a v2 of the hardware is released with better decisions made in regards to CPU architecture and systems design.

    Essentially, although this is truly a question and I truly want responses from users who feel that they can confirm or deny CPU limitations, it is also a major criticism as I think including an under powered CPU or lack of a dedicated CPU where needed in your device is a very avoidable mistake to make in 2020.

    I just bought a microfreak, and there are some hardware limitations when running the device on USB power. Their solution is to run it with the active power adapter. Is this a simple and similar suggestion for the blackbox? Is CPU scaling enabled?

    So, before I buy, am I being paranoid or is this truly something that limits you when you play?

    Aaron Christine is there reality to keeping device price low by skimping on the CPU? If so, what are those limits? Do yoh make CPU utilization numbers available in or from the device?


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    Thanks for your questions.

    The blackbox relies on a general purpose processor, which means lots of flexibility. It also means our work is never truly done. The fixed limits you should worry about as of version 1.3 are the per voice polyphony limits: 4 voices per cell in sample mode. 2 voices per cell in slicer or clip mode. 1 voice per cell in granular mode. Because it is a general purpose CPU, the total polyphony is not a clear number, but depends on what you are doing at once. You can reliably expect 16 voices in sample mode at the same time with effects.

    The blackbox is a fairly new product (released in May of last year). We don't have any plans to upgrade the processor in the foreseeable future. Ask us again in a year or two.

    Let me know if this does not help.