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How do you remember stuff for later?

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  • How do you remember stuff for later?

    Whenever I "hear" something cool I am always at work and usually around 4 hours from returning home. Thinking about taking the zoom to work but that's gonna look weird. How do you remember stuff for later?

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    Don't worry about looking weird. Music is life. That Zoom is a powerful tool for sourcing samples or recording ideas in the field.


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      Music Memos (built in iPhone app) is another good way to capture an idea for later.


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        I beatbox into QuickVoice on iPhone. So great.


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          A few days ago had this happen during a video i was watching on YT, i just plugged the iphone to my BB and recorded it.


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            I don’t stress about the random things that come to mind when I’m not making music, and see it more like dreams are while sleeping.

            I think those ideas we play with during the day will make their way into our productions later and don’t necessarily need to be documented in their initial form.

            Otherwise, yeah... my phone or portable recorder.


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              Here is a technique I use for dreams - but it could work for other things too. When I wake from a dream and want to remember something about it or that happened in the dream - I reach over and take the drink coaster from my bedside table and drop it on the floor. then I go back to sleep. In the morning I see the coaster on the floor and associate it with the thing I wanted to remember. The trick is to just place something "out of place/order" that will trigger the memory.