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  • BB and CV question

    I'm a novice when it comes to CV signals, but I just got my hands on the Koma Field Kit FX.
    Initially I was running audio out of BB, through the FX tweaking in real time, and recording back into BB.
    Came up with some great soundscapes, loops and perc sounds.

    Then I remembered seeing something about the BB and it's ability to record and playback CV signals.
    So next I plan experimenting with sequencing CV samples to trig the Field FX.
    I'm also thinking If I run the audio and CV are running on different length sequences some interesting results may be obtained.

    My question is, can anyone with more CV knowledge than me tell me if CV recordings will work when run as a clip and stretched to new tempos?
    Will sampled CV trigs work if sequenced like any other midi event?
    How will the pitch and gain of the CV sample effect behaviour of the target if at all?
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    I tried all of what you intend on my Mother-32 and got it to work (pitch/stretch/sequencing).


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      Thanks. That is very cool.


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        Excuse the short reply, I had to move on to other things.

        Basically, if I remember it right (my CV session was about 2 weeks ago):
        - Clip gain affects CV target modulation depth.
        - Clip pitch affects CV target modulation rate. But the retrigger point is dependent on clip length.
        - Stretching a clip can yield unpredictable results, depending on source material and use case, as well as the target. Experiment to get what works for you.
        - Putting CV samples in a BB sequence works fine.

        You can split a single BB output to reach separate trigger and control targets with one clip, or use multiple outs on the BB to address different targets with different clips.

        Also try looping in sample mode and moving the start and end points, even the filter will affect the target.
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          'Unpredictable results' always gets me excited!

          Very informative, thank you.