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Multisamples created with sample robot

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  • Multisamples created with sample robot

    as it was written it is possible to create multisamples for BB within sample robot software.
    But how I can do it?
    I will get the SMPL tags by export into a folder out of sample robot.
    Is it possible with the KORG+WAVE version of sample robot?

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    I have a how to video which makes a multi-sampled instrument on a PC and FL studio which I posted here on the forum. Using sample robot would be much of the same principles (exporting files with the metadata assigned). I don’t have a copy of sample robot but if anyone wants to hook me up with a copy I’ll do a how to using it and post an instrument for everyone to add to their BB.


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      Sample Robot is an excellent (and affordable) solution for creating multi-samples.


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        Yes of course a very helpfull tool.
        But how can I get the root information (tag) out of the robot?
        There is no xml file generated.
        More in detail here:

        Aaron wrote 15.11.2019, 15:52

        "Version 1.3 includes the following new features:
        • MIDI CCs. Use the built in Learn Mode to connect your MIDI controller to these parameters:
          • Level
          • Pitch
          • Filter Cutoff
          • Start Position, Length, Loop Start, and Loop End
          • Slice Selection (Slicer Mode)
          • Playback Speed (Granular Mode)
          • Delay Time and Feedback
          • Reverb Decay and Damping
        • Multisampling. Load multiple samples per pad. Navigate to a directory and choose File: Load All
          • By default, the mapping is chromatic starting from C2
          • When embedded smpl tags are present, blackbox will map the samples across the keyboard automatically. This tag is written by Sample Robot and blackbox when saving files in sample mode.
          • We will supply 20 pre built sets shortly.
        • Support for MIDI clock output to USB devices. Enables the arpeggiator on the Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3 to run in sync with the main sequencer
        • New setting for the selection of MIDI clock source in TOOLS. The LaunchKey is always sending clock and you will generally want blackbox to ignore it.
        • Improved knob value stability for some types including dB, percentage, and pitch"

        So my question is how to generate this tag within Sample Robot????
        Until now I generate only wav-files.


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          Originally posted by aw-bs2103 View Post

          So my question is how to generate this tag within Sample Robot????
          Until now I generate only wav-files.
          Looking at the manual for Sample Robot, you can set the note (key) info in the multisample settings/info window. This info is written as an ACID tag inside of the wav file so you won't find an xml reference.