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Firmware 1.4.1 showing as 1.4.0 on the Blackbox

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  • Firmware 1.4.1 showing as 1.4.0 on the Blackbox

    The latest update Blackbox BIN Firmware 1.4.1 is showing as 1.4.0 on the/my Blackbox screen on power up.
    Not sure if the file is incorrect or just the naming of the file.
    Thought you should know about this.

    Love the machine and thanks for all the hard work at BB HQ and on the forum!

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    the same happened to me. I then downloaded the 1.4.1 again, even though I had it already on my HD, then copied into my SD Card to run the update on bb again. ola bb shows 1.4.1. maybe you copied the wrong bin file, I guess the happened to me when I had multiple version on my HD


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      Some browsers can/will automatically unzip archives. This can result in BLACKBOX.BIN, BLACKBOX.BIN(2), BLACKBOX.BIN(3), ETC. make sure you check the naming before transferring to the Blackbox.


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        Argh... pilot error - I forgot that one needed to hold down the back and info buttons to update the firmware. Thanks for the responses, which led me to think more deeply about what I'd done