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Black Box and Novation Launch Control XL how to get'em working together

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    Yes, you were right about the power. I connected BB to the mains socket, and it powered the Launch Control correctly (no demo mode), and the screen is responsive.

    Thank you!


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    Originally posted by adam.wise View Post

    Mk2 does not have MIDI sockets, it's USB only. But I'll test other ways to power it.
    Yes, I know, but if you connect it to a midi router that your BB is connected you can power it externally and yet have it connect to your BB via MIDI.


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      Originally posted by subbass View Post
      The Launch Control is looking for midi notes erm, from C1 to E2 if I recall for pad triggers, probably F2 and up for sequence triggers. I literally just bought the Launch Control XL last week after watching Ricky Tinez with his on the blackbox (also the reason I bought the blackbox :P)

      You can map the sliders and rotary encoders to Midi CC control as Ricky shows:

      You can find info in the downloadable manual for the blackbox, you can plug the XL into your windows/mac PC/laptop and use the Novation Launch Control program to look what pads are mapped to what notes for the pads and match them up.

      I hope that helps, I'm a beginner myself with the BB and XL.

      No you cant connect it like Ricky, at least not in my Blackbox


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        I'm late to this but I can confirm that the blackbox, properly powered, will power the LaunchControl XL. Make sure to use a quality USB cable.


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          i am also faiiling at setting up my launchcontrol properly.
          especially the pads.
          here is what i do rn:
          ive set global pad mini in BB to Ch 5.
          i went into the LC editor and set the apads to be playing midi notes 36-51 on ch5 and this does not work!
          i am getting crazy!


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            are you sending nn# 36? OR C2?


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              Am sending cc# 36, like in the tutorial video


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                Originally posted by Prydal View Post
                Am sending cc# 36, like in the tutorial video
                I am not sure which video you are referring to. I make our videos and we use MIDI NOTE #'s - not CCs. Try MIDI Note #36