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Black Box and Novation Launch Control XL how to get'em working together

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    Yes, you were right about the power. I connected BB to the mains socket, and it powered the Launch Control correctly (no demo mode), and the screen is responsive.

    Thank you!


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      You'r welcome

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    Originally posted by adam.wise View Post

    Mk2 does not have MIDI sockets, it's USB only. But I'll test other ways to power it.
    Yes, I know, but if you connect it to a midi router that your BB is connected you can power it externally and yet have it connect to your BB via MIDI.


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      Originally posted by subbass View Post
      The Launch Control is looking for midi notes erm, from C1 to E2 if I recall for pad triggers, probably F2 and up for sequence triggers. I literally just bought the Launch Control XL last week after watching Ricky Tinez with his on the blackbox (also the reason I bought the blackbox :P)

      You can map the sliders and rotary encoders to Midi CC control as Ricky shows:

      You can find info in the downloadable manual for the blackbox, you can plug the XL into your windows/mac PC/laptop and use the Novation Launch Control program to look what pads are mapped to what notes for the pads and match them up.

      I hope that helps, I'm a beginner myself with the BB and XL.

      No you cant connect it like Ricky, at least not in my Blackbox


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        I'm late to this but I can confirm that the blackbox, properly powered, will power the LaunchControl XL. Make sure to use a quality USB cable.


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          i am also faiiling at setting up my launchcontrol properly.
          especially the pads.
          here is what i do rn:
          ive set global pad mini in BB to Ch 5.
          i went into the LC editor and set the apads to be playing midi notes 36-51 on ch5 and this does not work!
          i am getting crazy!


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            are you sending nn# 36? OR C2?


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              Am sending cc# 36, like in the tutorial video


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                Originally posted by Prydal View Post
                Am sending cc# 36, like in the tutorial video
                I am not sure which video you are referring to. I make our videos and we use MIDI NOTE #'s - not CCs. Try MIDI Note #36


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                  Just wanted to say that i had issues with my launchcontrol xl to bb having got the launchcontrol last week--for some reason, it would work sometimes and other times not at all. found out that after mapping knobs or faders on the launchcontrol via learn on BB, all you need to do is restart the sample and the midi should properly "bite" then. hopefully this helps.