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Midi usb device port is not working with eKeys37 keyboard

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  • Midi usb device port is not working with eKeys37 keyboard

    I received my blackbox yesterday,

    Usb midi device port don't work with my ekeys37 keyboard.
    I only tested it with this device, I don't have other usb midi devices. But it don't work even when I choose ch 1. Ekeys37 works fine with all my other devices and computers

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    Nobody have an Idea about how make it work ? Is this will be fixed in next firmware update? I don't know which firmware I have but it is probably last because i get bbox only a few days ago


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      If you received your Blackbox a few days ago and have not updated the firmware you are likely on 1.0.6. We just released 1.5 last week and there are A LOT of changes. Please update to at least 1.4.3 and try again. Also, be sure the eKeys37 is not pulling too much power from the blackbox -- power it independently, if possible. Make sure you are using the USB cable and power supply that came with your blackbox.

      Please try these and report back.



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        Thank's for your response!

        Ok I will install it. ...but the page for download firmware 1.4.3 give me a 404 error (it's this link:


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          Owns eKeys37.

          It does not work properly with the included AC adapter.

          It worked with other 2A or more AC adapters.


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            digital-miyamoto Yea... I updated the firmware to 1.4.3 but it still don't work. Is it ok to use other 2A or AC adapters? Safe for blackbox? I have others but I prefer ask


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              No problem. The included ac adapter does not have the performance of a black box.