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  • USB implementation questions

    I'm trying to integrate touchdesigner (video software) with the blackbox, so I need to get midi to my pc from the blackbox. I saw this post from about a year ago:
    Is this still the current state of midi? Additionally, the device doesn't seem to register itself as a midi device, so is it even possible to send data the other way (PC -> blackbox) without an interface?

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    The blackbox acts as a MIDI Host - Not MIDI Device. It will not appear as a MIDI device on your PC.

    You can send MIDI notes and clock TO the BlackBox over USB.


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      is this a hardware thing or a software thing? If the latter, mind pointing me in the direction of some software I could use to make my laptop act as a slave?

      edit: looks like hardware, assuming the blackbox device port uses a host controller instead of otg. is it possible this might be implemented in the future on the power port, or does that port only have +5 and gnd?
      in the meantime I'll probably do some janky pi zero thing to act as a slave to both the pc and the bb
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