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    Originally posted by vssp99 View Post

    Fotopaul could you please give us the power supply specifications of your phone power plug? the standard power plug power specifications are 5V 2.5A for me...

    Thanks a lot for the support!
    Just to clarify after further testing the preset plays fine, regardless of which power supply I use, it was just the first initial test, not sure what caused it.

    Also, I think which type of SD card can make a difference as well.

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      Aaron and Fotopaul thanks a lot for your respective feedbacks and elements to help,
      About the power supply, yours Fotopaul outputs 5V 2A whereas mine outputs 5V 2.5A, so I think it's not the main reason for the issue on my side.
      So I'll try to update the firmware to 1.5.J as soon as possible, I've bought the Blackbox recently and it's really promising for ambient music (and long samples), so I hope that this update will solve the major issues... and yes I'm conscious about that granular mode is much more "cpu consuming" than the others, I'll try to use resampling more often then.
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