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How to tell BB the correct BPM of a sample that should be played as a clip?

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  • How to tell BB the correct BPM of a sample that should be played as a clip?

    Hi there,

    how can i tell BB the correct BPM of a sample that should be played in clip mode when it lacks a clear timing signature (eg. no drums)? Can i include the bpm in the file name or enter it when i load the sample?

    The auto BPM detection seems to work only for drum and percussion loops but i have to play and sync a vocal sample to the clock. BB gets the timing wrong.

    Really hope someone can help me. this is a major issue for me and many people that use BB for playing stems live.

    Thanks for your help
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    Blackbox uses the song tempo when you use it to record samples. You could tweak the song tempo to the sample tempo, record the sample from an external source (smartphone?), and then tweak the song tempo back to the intended. Then the vocal sample should follow the rest perfectly as you increase/decrease speed if set as a Clip.


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      You can't. You set the loop length, and it figures out BPM from there. You can't specify a BPM, which I think is the largest flaw for me.


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        Aaron Is this fixed now? As dycedot described its also the largest flaw for him as it is for me. Please fix this. Its the major deal breaker for someone that wants to use BB as a sample player in a live set with loop libraries. thanks mate!


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          Clip mode in Blackbox is designed to work with loop libraries. Most libraries come cut to power of two length, including vocal samples. This makes it easiest to drop them into a clip and have them work correctly with the auto length (and BPM) detection. Occasionally, you will need to work a little harder.

          If you are using vocal samples that aren't working properly, drop them into a DAW. If you don't have a length that is an integer number of beats, blackbox won't know what to do with it. You may need to add silence or copy and paste sections to get them to a suitable length. If you are making your own loops from a DAW, it is easiest to export them in a power of 2 length in the first place and life is easy. If you end up with a non-power of two, you will need to adjust the beat count in blackbox for that sample.

          Keep in mind that once you do get the beat count dialed in on blacbox, you can then Save the WAV file and the beat count will be embedded in the file for next time.

          I hope this helps.


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            It should be added that with adjusted beat counts (non-2^n and in particular odd time sigs), life is easy until you want to use song or seqs mode.