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Midi out turns off when recording?

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  • Midi out turns off when recording?

    Not sure if this is the intended behavior or if I am doing something wrong. I am trying to construct a very small and portable setup for sampling the audio of external midi gear into BB. I am using an akai LPK25 via "device" usb on the BB as my "controller" keyboard. I then take anything (I.E. a synth) that makes noise and does not have a keyboard and hook it up via the MIDI out and the audio IN on the BB. If I go to a new pad, select MIDI in and out channels it all works fine, I am able to play on the keyboard, the synth plays and the audio comes into the BB no problems....... Until I hit record, as soon as I hit record the MIDI keyboard stops working and I can't play anything. I do not want to sequence any MIDI into the BB I just want to capture the audio of an external device without having to have a bunch of other gear. Any ideas?
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    which firmware are you using? Did you adjust the rec monitor?