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  • Multisampling automation


    I'm looking to set up a workflow to record multi-samples for BB but also for other hardware/software. So I've been doing some research.

    Been testing SampleRobot 6.5 and the trial seems to do the job both for capturing VST instruments as well as hardware.
    Question: Do I need to manually set the root note in each wav file, or does BB recognize the embedded root note from SampleRobot?

    To get full automation i believe the pro version is required so it's a little investment, but if it works with little to no work other than copying the folder to the BB it might be worth it.

    Logic X 10.5
    I've downloaded Logic X 10.5 with its autosampler, haven't tried it yet, and do not know if it can streamline the process the same way SampleRobot cab. Considerin they cost almost the same Logic would, of course, be preferred, but only if it can function the same way as samplerobot.
    Question: Anyone knows how the autosampler in logic compares to SampleRobot

    BlackBox Auto Sampling
    With the latest preview FW 1.5J multisampling is an option and it looks really neat, but I haven't managed to get it automated, in other words, I have not successfully got BB to automatically trigger my hardware/software gear for recording. I can't find anything in the manual on how to set it up. I've set the outgoing Midi to the same channel as the software/hardware and the midi routing (midi in out cables) is set properly as well.
    Question:Is there any guide on how to set up BB to trigger and record notes automatically, or where should I look in the settings? Steve J

    Thank you!

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    Hi, (for the moment at least) multisample assistant midi is only on channel 1, so that might be the issue


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      Originally posted by RMG___ View Post
      Hi, (for the moment at least) multisample assistant midi is only on channel 1, so that might be the issue
      Thank you for that helpful tip! Now I got it to work! Really cool! So do I have to set the root note for each wave file or is that taken care of already automatically?


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        Here is what I can tell you:

        Logic 10.5 has a great new sampler that can create and playback multi-sampled instruments/patches. That said, it does not write root note tags.

        MainStage has a VST called AutoSampler (purchased from Redmatica). This tool is pretty amazing as it will perform the multi-velocity multi-sample workflow pretty easily.

        Sample Robot Korg+Wave version will also perform the multi-velocity multi-sample workflow with very little effort.

        I spent some time with the new Logic sampler and what I found is everything works great as long as you stay in the Apple eco-system OR your playback sampler can interpret pitch and velocity from the filename (MainStage writes these to the filename). Unfortunately, blackbox uses the WAV tag method and not the filename method. In addition to that, mainStage writes aif files so you still need to convert these to WAV to use on blackbox.

        My successful workflow:
        MainStage Creates multi-samples
        Import to Sample Robot (because it will look at the filename to determine pitch and velocity)
        Immediately export to WAV (Sample Robot will write the pitch to a WAV tag)
        load to blackbox or any other multi sampler.

        I didn't appreciate the extra steps of converting and "cleaning" with Sample Robot but it is a workflow that works every time. Having said that the blackbox does as good a job with the multi-sample workflow and does all the work for you, in a single step. Aside from process, the blackbox can create multi-sampled instruments that it cannot playback based on the total number of samples.

        For me, Sample Robot is the best option if all you are concerned about is making multi-sample sets. But if you are willing to do some more work for multisamples you might find the other tools in Logic or MainStage to be useful.


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          Blackbox multisampling utilizes MIDI ch 1. There is a video coming... but please ask any questions you have.

          As an addendum to my previous post - The blackbox is the easiest workflow for creating multisample sets. You can create full sets that go far beyond even its own limits of sample loading.


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            Steve J Thank you for sharing your insight and workflow, appreciate it!

            I've come to the conclusion that Logic won't be a one-click solution as it will require an extra step that is not acceptable for me if I'm to sample any volumes. So for sampling, any volumes that can be used readily for other gear than the BB SampleRobot seem to be a great solution, albeit costing a pretty penny if you want full automation.

            For multisampling, for the BB the automatic sampling in the beta indicates a superb solution with no need to transfer or edit root notes. Truly amazed at what you guys have put in this little box!


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              Thanks. You might consider MainStage. It is very inexpensive and is the only place to find AutoSampler