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  • Sample Slots Full Error


    I'm getting a 'Sample slots full error' on empty pads when trying to load samples. Does anyone know what this is, i cant see any reference to it in the manual

    I'm on 1.5j software.


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    I had the same problem yesterday. I suppose there should be a way to unload samples from a pad, but I couldn't find it. My first attempt was to load a single sample to a pad that had multiple samples on it, but it wouldn't even let me go to the file browser/sample selection screen (gave me the 'Sample slots full error' again). I'm also on 1.5j.


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      There’s a sample limit (80, if I remember correctly) per preset and you have reached that limit. At least that’s how I interpret that error.

      To unload samples from a pad I simply clear the pad with a twist of the bottom left knob to the right.

      Would be better to have the option to clear/change just the samples and not the notes etc.


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        So it's totally 80 wav files for the 16 pads in one preset?


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          It's 64 per pad according to this earlier post!
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            Yes, 64 per pad and 80 per preset in total. According to the manual.


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              You are all correct! There is a limit of 64 samples per pad and 80 per preset. If you hit this limit, you will see that error message. All you need to do is navigate to a pad, touch the sample mode button, and choose "New Recording" as this will empty that pad and its sample files. Or, you can use the CUT or CLR commands from the pad screen.


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                Oh right, for a moment I forgot the notes are stored in a sequence, not a pad. Well, they do look quite the same, you know. :P

                I know I’m not the first or last to say this, but I’m so impressed with this genius little box and all it’s possibilities. I love how for almost every ‘issue’ there’s a trick or workaround. And I’m also seriously impressed by the team behind it. Thank you so much for not only bringing this little wonder into the world, but also helping it grow up. You’d make great parents.


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                  Ok thanks.

                  I think I got carried away with multisampling


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                    no such thing...!!