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Strange interaction between sequence mode and pads

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  • Strange interaction between sequence mode and pads

    Here comes a weird one. It is not linked to a special firmware. I noticed it short time after getting my BB, but thought, I did not understand because of my lack of knowledge about the BB. Might still be the point...

    I recorded a sequence with my Atom pad controller. Somehow the sequence contains some additional data, which is not displayed. When I play the sequence, one pad is triggered without any visible entry in the sequence for this pad.

    AND: It is always the pad triggered, that corresponds to the position of the sequence. When I have the snare on pad 4 and the sequence is in sequence mode on slot 4 the hidden data triggers the snare. When I copy the sequence to slot 6 and on pad 6 there is a clap, the clap is triggered by it.

    Any explanations? Has anybody else ever noticed something like that?

    As a pitty, I am not able to make a video at the moment, but could submit it later.

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    Are you using the PADS sequence view? Have you checked the KEYS sequence view for the phantom note? Is it there?


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      No, there is nothing visible. Even when I erase all visible data, the phamtom notes are still played.

      ​​​​​​Things I tried:

      - MIDI related? All MIDI options Set to "none", still there.

      - Notes are not visible because I changed the step length (what I actually did)?
      Even with step length 1/64th and 128 steps there is nothing to see. But maybe it has to do with changing step length anyway?
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        if you are looking at the PADS sequencer all pads are visible on the Y-axis, the X-axis is zoomable. Looking at the KEYS sequencer, you can pinch/squeeze on-screen with two fingers and zoom both the X and Y axes. What pitch is the note that is playing? And did this same pitch get recorded as part of your sequence?


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          Thanks for caring!

          The phantom notes are not visible, neither in pad nor in key view. But the notes are played in the default pitch that you get by hitting the pads.

          It seems that no one else had this issue. I will try to reproduce it with a new preset and a new sequence and I will report. If it will not happen again, no one should worry


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            I'd take a preset if you can make one. Thanks