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Yamaha MD-BT01 compatibly

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  • Yamaha MD-BT01 compatibly

    Hi all,

    I have a Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth midi adapter that I cannot get to work with the Blackbox. It does not light up if I use the provided TRS to midi cables. Have anyone of you got any experience with it and the Blackbox?

    I had hoped to use it to bring the power of Bluetooth midi to my Blackbox :-)

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    I have not used this particular adapter but I do own a CME WIDIBUD and it is fantastic! it is the most reliable way to connect my Roli gear directly to my blackbox - wirelessly!


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      it looks like that adapter is powered from the host MIDI port. You won't get power over our TRS MIDI adapters.


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        Originally posted by Steve J View Post
        You won't get power over our TRS MIDI adapters.
        It works fine with my Arturia MicroFreak, and that is through TRS mini jack, just with type A TRS to 5 pin midi adapters. I think it get’s power from the midi signal itself? I think the standard is that just 2 of the 5 cables in a normal 5 pin midi cable is used. Could be wrong ... not an expert :-)
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