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  • WAV file and preset folders

    Just got a new Blackbox the other day. It came with a 1.05 or .06 firmware so I upgraded to the 1.5 version. After doing this I noticed that when I loaded a kit the .wav files were not in the folder.On the SD card the folder, the xml files were in the root folder and there were no preset folders for the xml files in the root folder. I read the first half of the help doc about the preset file management system and created folders for each of the xml files, thinking this would point to the wav files in the factory content folders. I was able to load some of the preset kits, but most would not load. I followed the packing instructions for the kits that did load and the wav files are now in the in the preset folder for those kits. Should I just cut and paste the wave files to the new preset folders I created? Or something different?

    Sorry if this is so confusing. That's probably because I am confused. Really liking the BB so far, btw.

    Edit: I guess I'm also asking how loading a kit differs from loading a file from a preset folder? I will consult the manual as well.

    Edit2: Read the sections in the manual on this topic and am still confused. My guess is the preset folder should contain the xml file and a folder with the wav files?

    Edit3: Tried my guess in edit2 and it worked. What I didn't realize is you load kits from the Preset menu, NOT from the pad menu. Seems like the best path forward is to move the content folders to the folders I created in the content directory, but am wondering if there is an easier way to do this. Most of presets do not allow me to pack them and I'm wondering if that option would be available if I moved all the xml files under the preset folders and then I could pack them?

    Edit4: Never mind. It only worked the first time.


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    Let me start by saying I think you are making this more complicated than it really needs to be. Yes, we changed the structure of presets in 1.5 (sometimes known as kits or banks). You should not need to worry about the file system as this will be handled automatically with the commands in the PSET (preset) window.

    It is important to distinguish loading a WAV file (use the Load button on an empty pad) from the presets, where you use the PSET button and sometimes the File menu.

    When you load an old or factory preset on 1.5, the system will migrate the XML file into the Presets folder. It will continue to have the pads link to files in other locations. If you want to create a preset that has all the assets in the same folder as the rest of the preset, use the Pack command. This is optional.

    We did create a specific set of documentation about the file system change. You can download it here.


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      Thanks for the reply, Aaron. I am definitely making this more complicated. Is the best way and quickest way forward to delete the preset and wav files and folders currently on the card and replace them with my original backups. Then I can just pack the folders on the unit as you described. Currently, the pack option is not available for most of the presets, and I assume this this may be the result of trying to move all the folders manually.
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      Just realized I had only read the first two pages of that document. I'm seeing now that you must open the preset before packing the folder. And that worked! Thanks!
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