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Unstable clock using BB and Pamela's New Workout

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  • Unstable clock using BB and Pamela's New Workout

    I've got a problem with my BB's clock out. It unfortunately seems quite unstable working with Pamela.
    I'm synching various external (modular and pedals) gear passing through ALM Pamela's New Workout module.
    Using the BB as master (to clock the Pamela module), I often hear synching issues (it's very clear in delays or arpeggiators), as if Pamela module is forced to constantly re-synching attempts.
    As I disconnect BB from Pamela, using Pamela as master, everything gets fine and sync is perfect.
    So I think that the problem comes from BB's clock instability or probably it could be a problem caused by the fact that BB's clock is set at 4 ppqn while Pamela work best at 24 ppqn.
    JohnPark also noticed some similar issue, working with the same setup.

    Any of you have this kind of problem? Any idea?
    Would be a god idea to let BB set its ppqn value?

    this is a video showing this instability:

    Thanx in advance!