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maybe im stupid but i´ve seen nothing in my FX screen

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  • maybe im stupid but i´ve seen nothing in my FX screen

    bought my blackbox today, install the 1.5.1 update as recommended, load some samples.
    going to fx page.
    i can see the pads, i can aply the amont of fx1 or fx2, but if i sellect the fx and press info there are one a few empty boxes...
    the top row is touch sensitiv but doesnt change anything, the knops ( corelated boxes are blank ) also.

    thanks for you help
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    interesting! i had the same issue....

    after saving the preset it appeared suddenly for some unknown reason


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      i change the sd card also without backup,
      using my own instead of the included,
      it seems to me that there are no sysem relevant files...

      but maybe...

      by the way - there are three in samples\LOOPMASTER\02 Loops\Drums and Perc\Toploops damaged.
      not a big deal i guess but i´d like to let you know


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        It’s not you, it’s the blackbox.

        Apparently there’s a few situations where the view isn’t updated correctly. I have the same thing happening: sometimes when I load a multisample and then press [info] nothing’s there. Then when I switch views to somewhere else and back to that screen, suddenly it’s there again.


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          Make sure you both create and save a preset before doing any work with the blackbox. Many of the internal services are initiated upon successful preset loading/saving. This is also true for MIDI. This only seems to happen when you insert a completely fresh card with no presets - or a new card that does not contain the 'last preset' you used before powering up.

          Best Practice: make sure you are working in a preset.