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remove the need to have a computer for copying firmware files

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  • remove the need to have a computer for copying firmware files

    Following personal experience and confirmation by official support, copying the firmware file from your iphone to your sd card may be source of update trouble. The current solution is to copy the file using a desktop computer.

    Given the philosophy advertised in the official blackbox video, which states “No computer required”, I think it would a great if this issue could be solved altogether.

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    The computer is not required for the primary function of the blackbox - making music. However, the need for a computer has always been present for this device for more than just firmware updates. I'm happy to hear yours is now working. Another user had the very same issue from an Android device.


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      By any means, the above issue is certainly a minor one. I love my blackbox already after a few days :-) However, it makes me wonder in what way the mobile OS file system apparently alters the blackbox firmware file and causes it to fail.

      Edit: I would like to add that I work otherwise completely “computerless” with the blackbox: any file transfers to or from the sd card are done via my mobile phone.
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